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Electra Guitars Teams with Sony

by Electra Guitars | August 30, 2014

Electra Guitars has selected Sony Pro Audio wireless systems to be a part of their “Rediscover Electra Guitars” promotion between September 1 and October 31, 2014. The promotion is only valid throughout the continental United States, Hawaii, and Alaska, and excludes USA territories, while supplies last.

Customers can qualify for the Sony wireless sets by purchasing any new Electra guitar or bass between September 1 and October 31, 2014 at any participating Authorized Electra Guitars Dealers or, where there are not local dealers, factory direct from the Electra Guitars website. With each instrument purchased, the customer can choose to receive either a Sony DWZ Series Digital Wireless Guitar Set (Retail Value $499) or the Sony DWZ Series Digital Wireless Vocal Set (Retail Value $699) at no additional cost. Fulfillment of the promotion will be handled directly by Electra Guitars.

"Electra Guitars is extremely excited and honored to be working with Sony Pro Audio on our guitar promotion. The DWZ wireless Guitar and Vocal packs are a natural fit for our brand. A diverse group of guitar players are quickly rediscovering Electra Guitars and the brands hallmarks of quality, innovation, and value. We anticipate, combined with a partner like Sony, this will accelerate. It's a great incentive for guitar and bass players, in some cases, to get more than $2000 Retail Value in gear, for the price of an Electra Guitar or Bass." – Gene Ymiolek, Electra Guitars CEO.

The Sony DWZ Series 2.4 GHz digital wireless vocal set provides the convenience of untethered handheld microphone use with a wired level of audio performance. The package includes a ZTX-M01 handheld transmitter including an interchangeable dynamic cardioid microphone capsule along with a ZRX-M50 half rack size receiver. Supplied accessories include a mic holder, two antennas and AC adapter. The handheld TX also supports use with optional Sony interchangeable microphone capsules. The receiver includes 3 audio outputs (1 x balanced XLR and 2 x unbalanced 1/4" phone). The receivers menu system provides access to clear channel scan or manual channel selection and a digital 5-band graphic EQ. The receivers LCD includes numeric indication of transmitter battery remaining time, diversity reception RF levels, audio level metering, EQ on/off status and display of selected channel.

The Sony DWZ Series 2.4 GHz digital wireless guitar set provides the convenience of untethered use with a wired level of audio performance. The package includes a ZTX-B01 body pack transmitter along with a ZRX-C30 compact size receiver. Supplied accessories include a GC-07BMP guitar cable, transmitter belt clip and AC adapter. The receiver includes 3 simultaneous audio outputs (1 x balanced XLR and 2 x unbalanced 1/4" phone). The receiver supports flexible powering options with AC adapter, 9V battery or use of a distributed 9V power system.

For further details on the promotion, visit http://www.electraguitar.com/guitarpromo

For more information on Electra Guitars visit http://www.electraguitar.com

For more information on the Sony DWZM50 visit https://pro.sony.com/bbsc/ssr/product-DWZM50/

For more information on the Sony DWZB30GB visit https://pro.sony.com/bbsc/ssr/product-DWZB30GB/

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Electra Guitars Omega and Omega Prime

by Electra Guitars | July 31, 2014

Recently there has been a lot of press coverage on the innovative new additions to our guitar and bass lineup. In the past few months, we've started shipping the new Electra Phoenix Series, including the Phoenix S, Phoenix H, and Phoenix Bass, and the new Electra Talon and Invicta guitars.

As these new Electras enter the market, the Electra Omega and Omega Prime guitars continue to set the bar for high-end features and quality at an affordable price. Starting at $899, we believe the Omega and Omega Prime offer more value than guitars twice their price. They are designed in the USA and equipped like our USA Electra Guitars, however, we work with a state-of-the-art Korean guitar builder to be able to offer them at below market prices here in the USA.

So what makes the Omega and Omega Prime guitars different from competitors guitars? Look closely at the specs and compare them, and you will find a number of unique differences:

- The Electra Omegas have real Ebony fretboards, not Rosewood, nor Ebonized Rosewood - dyed Rosewood to look like Ebony.

- Electra Omegas have real Mother of Pearl Inlays, not Pearloid or other plastic materials.

- The Omegas have premium body, neck, and headstock binding and name brand hardware including bridges from TonePros, TonePros Kluson Deluxe Tuners, and a GraphTech Tusq Nut. Check out other brands and most hardware is generic or their white-label house brand.

- The Electra Omega and Omega Prime have our new MagnaFlux Humbucker Pickups. These are custom Alnico V pickups that Guitar World coined our "secret weapon" in their recent review of the Omega guitar. We also include coil tapping accessible on each volume knob. Most guitar companies either don't offer this at all, or do it on only one knob.

When you add up these features, the Electra Omega and Omega Prime guitars stand alone in their price range. Compare them versus the competition and see if you can find a similarly equipped guitar at the same purchase price as an Omega or Omega Prime.

The Electra Omega and Omega Prime continue to be some of our best selling guitars. Checkout the specs and demo video, and there's a good chance you'll love what you see.


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Guitar Innovation

by Electra Guitars | July 22, 2014

Guitar innovation is in our DNA at Electra Guitars. Reverb.com rated the Electra MPC as the top guitar innovation "ahead of it's time" in a recent article. The Electra MPC's were guitar effects that could be plugged directly into an Electra Guitar. The guitars had on-board controls enabling players to control the effects right on the front of their guitar. Today's Electra Guitars are bringing innovation back, and we have recently released a variety of design and electronics features for today's guitar and bass players.

While other guitar companies are focusing on automating guitar tuning or cramming digital models into guitars to make them sound like different guitars, Electra is focused on analog and design innovations so players can craft their own unique tone.

Currently shipping on the Electra Invicta is our new Coil Linkage System (CLS), combined with a 5-way rotary pickup selector. Using two volume knobs and one tone, we enable nine unique pickup combinations on the Electra Invicta. By working the 5-way rotary dial and volume knobs, guitar players can dial in an exponential amount of different analog tones.

While the Electra Phoenix S may have a classic design, it's got loads of guitar innovation under the hood. First, our intonation correct routed bridge pickup, or have some referred to it, a "Hendrix" routed pickup. You're going to immediately get a tone not found on similar guitar styles. Next, we incorporated the Electra Analog Tone Blend feature (placed between the guitars Volume and Tone Knobs). Independent of the classic 5-way pickup selector, and using all it's variations, players can blend in any and all combinations of the three MagnaFlux SC pickups. So if a player is in the bridge position and wants to mix in a little or a lot of another, it's easily achievable by dialing the tone blend higher or lower. The Phoenix Series also includes our SWC Neck Connection which is a true Bolt-on, using allen head metal bolts threaded into a reciprocal metal bushing in the neck. The provides a more durable neck connection and much more sustain than other guitars that use screws into wood.

The new Electra Phoenix Bass also has the SWC Neck Connection, and electronics that make it one of the most unique basses available for pure analog tone shaping. In our first collaboration with EMG, the Phoenix Bass includes two proprietary EMG PHZ pickups combined with our 5-way rotary selector and new Electra Coil Linkage System (CLS). In concert with the passive pickups and EMG BT Circuit, the Electra CLS provides bass players with a wide array of series and parallel coil combinations enabling a ton of analog tone.

You can read about the new Electra Invicta, Electra Phoenix S, and Electra Phoenix Bass on our website or many other guitar sites including Guitar World, Premier Guitar, Guitar Player, Vintage Guitar, iGuitar and more. You can also check them out at your local Authorized Electra Dealer.

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