About Us

Electra Guitars is a company led by industry veterans headquartered in Tampa, Florida. We offer customers electric guitars and basses with unique features that are superior to those currently available from other guitar companies. We do this at competitive prices. There is an incredible amount of work that goes into the design of each Electra Guitar we make. Each detail in our guitars, from the overall body design to wood selection, upgraded hardware, and electronics, is meticulously evaluated and tested to ensure it meets our standards for quality and tone.

The Electra family of owners and artists is rapidly growing. We encourage you to check out our guitars and discover for yourself why Electras are quickly becoming some of the most sought after guitars around.

Thank you!

Ben and Mick



Ben Chafin

Ben Chafin, President & Founder

Ben has more than 25 years of experience in the guitar industry, and was instrumental in the relaunch of Dean Guitars in 1995, where he ultimately became their head builder and designer. Ben regularly had the opportunity to work with touring musicians to develop their custom instruments. This daily exchange with world renowned players is an area where Ben learned to integrate very specific design demands into the instruments he builds. He has also received a number of industry accolades for his own Chafin Custom Guitars that he built prior to acquiring the Electra brand. Ben leads the design and builds of all Electra Guitars.


Mick Donner

Mick Donner, Chief Operating Officer

Mick is a 30-year veteran of the Guitar Industry having worked for Dean, Gibson, Peavey Electronics, Parker Guitars, and Washburn Guitars. Mick designed the Washburn AB40 and AB20 acoustic bass, signature Peavey instruments for Jeff Berlin, Brian Bromberg and Rudy Sarzo, as well as the Cyberbass, Cirrus Bass, and the Fly Bass (at Parker). He also oversaw the release of the Wolfgang Program at Peavey. Mick runs manufacturing, sourcing, and is the lead on Electra’s line of bass guitars.