Luthier Ben ChafinElectra Guitars Innovations

Electra Guitars are very different from other guitars on the market. Some of our upgrades and innovations are visible but many are under the hood. Check out some of our new creations that improve upon standard guitar design, as well as new features to let you control and dial in your analog tone like no other.






Electra Guitars SWC Bolt-on NeckElectra SWC Neck Connection

This is a system using metal bolts and a reciprocal metal thread in the neck that provides a much tighter, more durable, and more functional connection (think, metal into metal vs. metal into wood). Aside from the tighter physical connection, our testing shows a significant improvement in sustain over traditional bolt-on necks. There's a reason we've come to say "If you're neck doesn't have bolts, you're just screwed!" This is available on the new Electra Phoenix Series of guitars and basses.



Electra Guitars Coil Linkage System for Electric GuitarElectra 5-Way Rotary with Coil Linkage System (CLS) for Guitars

On the new Invicta we started with our 5-Way Rotary Pickup Selector to provide the following combinations: Position 1) Neck Humbucker 2) Rear Coil of both Pickups 3) Both Humbuckers 4) Front Coil of both Pickups 5) Bridge Humbucker. Using our MagnaFlux Pick-ups and CLS, combined with 2 volume knobs you can access two more unique pickup combinations (dialing back one Volume) and virtually limitless amount of tones.




Electra Guitars Coil Linkage System for Bass GuitarElectra 5-Way Rotary with Coil Linkage System (CLS) for Basses

This technology also is available on the new Electra Phoenix Bass Series. In our first collaboration with EMG, the new Phoenix bass includes two proprietary EMG HZ-P pickups in conjunction with the EMG BT Circuit, combined with our 5-way rotary & CLS switching technology. This provides players a wide array of series and parallel coil combinations and unleashes a huge arsenal of analog tones. While the design is complex, it's easy to use via a simple three knob configuration.



Electra Guitars Analog Tone Blend for Electric GuitarElectra Analog Tone Blend

Available on the new Phoenix S Series, the Electra Analog Tone Blend Control (lower middle knob) lets players mix in either the neck or bridge pickup without affecting the traditional 5-way pickup selector switch. Combined with MagnaFlux SC pick-ups, this gives players the ability to dial in additional unique tones using the neck and bridge, or all three pickups, all from a standard 3 single coil pickup setup.