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"Wow, wow, wow, wow. This guitar is one in a million! Everyone who sees it loves it. Everyone who plays it wants one for their own. I'm proud to carry it to events and shows, and to use it in my work as a guitar tone technician. Thank you Electra!" Matt P, Purchased Electra Omega Prime Flame Maple

“Well, you did it. I’m totally blown away by this guitar. The rest of my band is going to be jealous. I want to fill my guitar bus with these!” Scott B, Purchased Electra Omega Prime Ceruse

“I've been playing my two Omegas from the 70's long before the rebirth of Electra. I now have the new Omega Prime Ceruse and I couldn't be happier. Just like its predecessors, Electra has nailed the details. I love the weight, the playability and the looks of it. The customer support is excellent and the price is right. Thanks for coming back Electra!” Nikos M, Purchased Electra Omega Prime Ceruse

“I must say that this guitar has blown me away. It exceeds any and all my expectations. The construction and quality is off the charts and every joint, component, and finish is flawless. The pickups were a superior surprise in tone, clarity, and power and with the coil taps can produce multiple tonal variations that I am still in awe of. This is one of those guitars that when you pick it up feels perfect and is difficult to put back down! You have honored the Electra brand name!” Arthur H, Purchased Electra Omega Prime White & Gold and the Electra Omega Prime Flame Maple

“I purchased the new Electra Omega last week. It's awesome! Really like the low action, smooth neck, and beautiful design and finish. That belly cut rests easy against my waist when I'm playing and is definitely an added bonus. I can't thank you enough. Love the tone control options too. So much TONE!” Elliot S, Purchased Electra Omega White

“The guitar is awesome! Out of the box it plays damn amazing. Thank you very much. There are now a few jealous colleagues that want one.” Art G, Purchased Electra Omega Black

“I try to spread word of mouth support for products I like, and I definitely like my Omega Prime. Looking forward to seeing what you put out in 2014!” Anthony A, Purchased Electra Omega Prime Flame Maple

“I just got the new Omega. I’ve only put it down to actually get work done. It’s AWESOME!” JH, Purchased Electra Omega Black

"I received my Omega Prime Flame Maple. WOW! The Guitar is great! Looking forward to put some mileage on it. Thanks Guys!" Tim H, Purchased Electra Omega Prime Flame Maple

"Lovin' my new Electra Omega. It's a beast!" Pete W, Purchased Electra Omega Black