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Electra Guitars New Website

by Electra Guitars | April 10, 2014

If you've visited our website during the past year, you'll notice a brand new look, amazing new guitars and basses, customer testimonials, and updated content all across our new website.

As we celebrate the anniversary of our comeback, we also wanted to address the #1 question we get from guitar shoppers - where can I find/buy your guitars? So, in addition to purchasing from Electra Authorized Dealers, we are also making our full product line available for purchase directly from Electra in the USA.

We have provided choice for our customers. So if you've seen an artist play an Electra or viewed a demo video and are ready to purchase - we believe you'll find our site easy and secure to use. If you would like to try before you buy, we encourage you to call or visit one of the authorized dealers listed on our site, or ask your local dealer to check us out.

Outside of the USA we're proud to be working with companies like Go-4 Music in Germany, Studio Brazil in Brazil, and Divine Music in India, with more to come. We've provided their info on our Dealer Page as well.

Enjoy our new site, check back often for new products and content, and join our mailing list for the latest news and special offers from Electra Guitars!


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