Electra Guitars Omega and Omega Prime

by Electra Guitars | July 31, 2014

Recently there has been a lot of press coverage on the innovative new additions to our guitar and bass lineup. In the past few months, we've started shipping the new Electra Phoenix Series, including the Phoenix S, Phoenix H, and Phoenix Bass, and the new Electra Talon and Invicta guitars.

As these new Electras enter the market, the Electra Omega and Omega Prime guitars continue to set the bar for high-end features and quality at an affordable price. Starting at $899, we believe the Omega and Omega Prime offer more value than guitars twice their price. They are designed in the USA and equipped like our USA Electra Guitars, however, we work with a state-of-the-art Korean guitar builder to be able to offer them at below market prices here in the USA.

So what makes the Omega and Omega Prime guitars different from competitors guitars? Look closely at the specs and compare them, and you will find a number of unique differences:

- The Electra Omegas have real Ebony fretboards, not Rosewood, nor Ebonized Rosewood - dyed Rosewood to look like Ebony.

- Electra Omegas have real Mother of Pearl Inlays, not Pearloid or other plastic materials.

- The Omegas have premium body, neck, and headstock binding and name brand hardware including bridges from TonePros, TonePros Kluson Deluxe Tuners, and a GraphTech Tusq Nut. Check out other brands and most hardware is generic or their white-label house brand.

- The Electra Omega and Omega Prime have our new MagnaFlux Humbucker Pickups. These are custom Alnico V pickups that Guitar World coined our "secret weapon" in their recent review of the Omega guitar. We also include coil tapping accessible on each volume knob. Most guitar companies either don't offer this at all, or do it on only one knob.

When you add up these features, the Electra Omega and Omega Prime guitars stand alone in their price range. Compare them versus the competition and see if you can find a similarly equipped guitar at the same purchase price as an Omega or Omega Prime.

The Electra Omega and Omega Prime continue to be some of our best selling guitars. Checkout the specs and demo video, and there's a good chance you'll love what you see.