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by Electra Guitars | May 04, 2014

Electra Guitars, then and now, are most known for being innovative, high quality electric guitars and basses from Japan and Korea. A lesser known fact about the new Electra Guitars is that we also offer handmade, built to order, versions of each Electra model we make - and also some vintage Electra Guitars not yet in production. We do this at our USA Guitar Shop in Tampa, Florida.

Most Electra artists play our standard guitar and bass models. Built overseas, they are designed in the USA and equipped just like we would a USA Guitar. We think this speaks volumes about the quality of all of our instruments. However, some do play USA models. For example, Dink Cook from Toby Keith's Easy Money Band plays an Electra USA 6-String Bass and has currently added 4-string, and 5-string USA Basses for his live performances. We also build USA Guitars and Basses for shows and industry events. We currently have a handmade USA Phoenix H for sale on and a Gold Talon that debuted at the NAMM Show.

What is an Electra USA Guitar and who builds them? It's an Electra model that's made in the USA, tailored to your specifications and preferences. When you select the model you want, we'll make recommendations, but you can choose from many unique options for your new guitar or bass. This includes body, neck, and fretboard wood, stains and finishes, inlay, electronics, pickups, hardware and more. Every Electra USA is made entirely at our USA Guitar Shop.

Electra is home to two of the most respected luthiers in the guitar industry, Ben Chafin and Mick Donner. Ben and Mick head up the design of each Electra Guitar and hand make the USA Guitars.

Ben has more than 25 years of experience in the guitar industry, and was instrumental in the relaunch of Dean Guitars in 1995, where he became Dean Guitars head builder and designer. Ben regularly had the opportunity to work with touring musicians to develop their guitars and basses. This daily exchange with world renowned players is an area where Ben learned to integrate very specific design demands into the instruments he builds.

Mick is also a 30-year veteran of the Guitar Industry having worked for Washburn Guitars, Gibson, Peavey Electronics, Parker Guitars, and Dean. Mick designed the Washburn AB40 and AB20 acoustic bass, signature Peavey instruments for Jeff Berlin, Brian Bromberg and Rudy Sarzo, as well as the Cyberbass, Cirrus Bass, and the Fly Bass at Parker. He also oversaw the release of the Wolfgang Program at Peavey.

Purchased directly from us, you can own a hand-made Electra Guitar that suits your playing style and personal tastes, and be the proud owner of a totally unique instrument that will last a lifetime. With over 40 years of guitar building experience, our luthiers have perfected the art and science of building guitars. We guarantee you will love your Electra USA Guitar, and we keep customers posted via pictures and updates throughout the building process.

Great care is taken in all areas on sourcing materials and building Electra USA Guitars. Electra selects only the best woods for our instruments and all of our necks and fretboards undergo a long conditioning process in our de-humidification chamber to remove any stress to prevent future warping or twisting. Our luthiers, painters, and technicians ensure every detail is perfect as each phase reaches completion and moves to the next.

How much does a USA Electra Guitar cost, and how long do they take to build? Perfection comes at a price, and most of our USA models start around $3,500. Depending on how many we are building at a given time, start to finish can take 4 to 6 months. Some of this is based on workload, and some of it is based on completing each process to ensure we are 100% satisfied before moving to the next step. This starts with sourcing the wood and materials and continues through the finish and final testing. This isn't something we, or you, would want to rush.

Our USA Shop is listed on our contact page. You can call or email for details on our USA Guitars.

Order an Electra USA Guitar or Bass today - we know you'll be satisfied.

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